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Arlo tries so hard to fall asleep, but he just can't get comfortable. The ground is too hard, the nights are too cold, and the days are too hot. Then, he meets an owl who has the perfect song to help him sleep. It's her secret way of sleeping through the whole day no matter what it's like. With this magical song to bring peace to the body and mind, Arlo has no trouble falling asleep and even has the opportunity to share it with other.

ARLO THE LION WHO COULDN'T SLEEP is a mindful children's book that teaches ways to relax your body in order to fall asleep. This story is peaceful for both children and adults while they snuggle in bed. It shows children how to stop their wandering minds and to slow their breathing. The illustrations are charming and soft, easy on the eye for bedtime.

My little girl girl absolutely loved this story and I must admit it's one I enjoy reading to her. I would recommend this to parents searching for their next bedtime story to share with your kids--one that works too!
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