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THE READING HOUSE set is a really fantastic motivator for early reading. Each book focuses on a letter, with it repeated in both upper and lower case, in the context of simple sentences. Lots of colorful and cute illustrations accompany the simple texts. The best part of these is the stickers that children get to put at the end of the book to mark their mastery of the letter. These are a huge motivator for young readers!

In this boxed set, you get books for each of the letters, and they are all short and sweet with the same fun formula of introducing the letters, giving words (often animal characters), and then using those words in a few sentences. Children can pick up on this quickly and can begin to fill in the sentences with the new words that they learn.

The sticker at the end is a delightful touch that will have children feeling a sense of accomplishment as they may their way for the books. With the colorful and cute illustrations, simple stories, and easy reading, these books are fantastic for preschoolers and early readers!
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