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NO READING ALLOWED is a delightfully charming take on homonyms and sound-alike words. The book features two panels for phrases which sound alike but have different meanings, such as "The new deli clerk runs a pretty sorry store." and "The New Delhi clerk runs a pretty sari store." These fun distinctions and colorfully silly illustrations have definite appeal for elementary-school aged children who like to laugh. A glossary at the end helps to define words which may be new to young readers.

What I loved: This is a very clever and very silly book that is sure to make young readers laugh. It may go over the heads of preschoolers and young elementary school aged readers who might not be reading yet, but older picture book readers are sure to enjoy it. The illustrations are fantastic, demonstrating each phrase for the reader with plenty of color and fun details. Some of the favorites in our house included the hiding monsters.

This would be a great book for teaching about homonyms and could inspire some fun classroom projects, as children may come up with their own silly depictions of phrases that sound alike but mean something completely different. This book is a great way to start to have some fun with the English language.

Final verdict: Silly, delightful, and clever, NO READING ALLOWED is a great way to teach about homonyms and have fun with language.
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