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PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES is a cute picture book about empathy and friendship. Cricket is going on a walk to see his friends after a long winter. However, they are all busy with something that he doesn't understand and assumes are not important because they are not important to him. Then, later that night, something that is important to him breaks and flea repeats his words back to him. Cricket understands how his friends were feeling and begins to put himself in their shoes.

What I loved: This book has a simple message about empathy and kindness told in an adorable way through these bugs. Children learn these important lessons alongside Cricket. Even though some things may not be important to him, he begins to realize that they are important to his friends and he needs to put himself in their shoes to understand them. The illustrations are cute, and I loved the ideas of Ladybug looking for her spots and Centipede busy putting together shoes for all his feet. Children will enjoy the repetitive text and cute bug scenarios, plus the clear message at the end.

What left me wanting more: As a small point, even though Cricket feels badly about how he treated his friends, he does not apologize. His friends are exemplary in terms of friendship, and I would have liked some additional gesture or apology for his actions, as this is also an important lesson for young children.

Final verdict: A cute story with a moral of empathy, PUT YOURSELF IN MY SHOES is a fun picture book read. Recommend for children who are learning about friendship and empathy.
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