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lovely illustrations with an overall message of kindness
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THE ELEPHANT'S UMBRELLA is a picture book with great illustrations and a moral of kindness. The elephant has a special umbrella, but one day, the umbrella is taken away by the wind. The umbrella goes to a leopard who wants to keep it. But when the umbrella asks what the leopard would do, the leopard says he would hunt and then eat the animals he catches under it. The umbrella does not want to belong to him and floats away to a bear. The bear says he would take all the bees honey and eat it by himself. The umbrella again does not want to belong to the bear and goes to look for the elephant. When it finds the elephant, it is happy, because the elephant always shares its cover with other animals.

What I loved: The illustrations here are truly lovely with lots of color and cute animals. The idea of the umbrella choosing who it wants to be with is cute. The moral of the story, which is spelled out at the end, is a good one of kindness mattering.

What left me wanting more: For sensitive toddlers/children, the idea of the leopard eating other animals may be difficult to hear. The writing is also a little awkward, but I think this may be due to the translation.

Final verdict: THE ELEPHANT'S UMBRELLA is a picture book with lovely illustrations and an overall message of kindness that will appeal to older readers.
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