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beautifully illustrated picture book with a spelled out lesson
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ALONG CAME A FOX is the story of Bramble, who is excited to find some fireflies. Her friends tell her that there are some by the water, but when Bramble goes and looks in the water, she is startled to see another fox. When she scowls at the fox and tells it to go away, the other fox does the same as her speech echoes back to her. When she goes to get her wise friend Twig the owl, Twig wants to know what Bramble did to make the other fox upset. Bramble admits that she got upset first, and this sparks a lesson about treating others the way you want to be treated.

What I loved: The illustrations are so lovely in this book, with lush background scenes and beautiful colors. The animals are so adorable as well, and I love Bramble, Twig, and Hazel, all the friends who set out to see fireflies together. There are some subtle messages about support from friends, with Hazel giving Bramble a hug when she is upset and Twig providing a listening ear, and about putting your best paw forward.

What left me wanting more: The lesson is spelled out at the end, and I am not sure that this was the one that I most took away from the story (children will know that the reflections are not real animals). I guess that is why it is stated rather than just understood/shown (because it may not be taken away otherwise). Also, as a small thing, the black font over the blue water is difficult to read in low lighting, such as at bedtime.

Final verdict: Lush illustrations and adorable characters make ALONG CAME A FOX an interesting picture book read. With a lesson clearly spelled out, this would be one for children who are early in learning deductive reading/critical thinking.
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