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great introduction to environmentalism and ocean pollution
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THE BLUE GIANT is a picture book that discusses ocean pollution in easy to understand terms. Meera and her mother are heading to the beach to spend the day there. When they are relaxing, suddenly the ocean wakes them to see a Blue Giant, who asks for their help. When they dive into the ocean, the Giant asks for their help to clean up all the pollution in it. They begin with helping the animals stuck in plastics before moving to beach cleanup. Though it might take a long time, they soon have friends and friends of friends helping.

Although one person's contributions may seem small, when everyone adds together, it can have a big impact in helping to prevent garbage collecting in the oceans. The book ends with some suggestions for ways you can make a difference in every day life, such as staying away from single-use plastics.

What I loved: The book is really approachable and brings these concepts to life in a way that young children can understand. This would be great as an educational tool to bridge the concept of recycling, environmentalism, and ways to make a difference. The topic is an important one, and even if the reader doesn't eliminate single-use plastics, the book shows how even small changes can have a big difference when we work together - a theme worth knowing.

The illustrations are lovely with lots of color and fun details that will also really appeal to children. The length of the text is great for short attention spans, and the pages turn quickly with a great picture-to-text ratio that will work for even young picture book readers.

Final verdict: A great picture book to discuss ocean pollution, THE BLUE GIANT is an engaging way to start a discussion about ways to make a difference and environmentalism.
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