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scary fairytale with simple text and illustrations
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LITTLE RED is a simple telling of the Little Red Riding Hood tale with accompanying red, white, and black illustrations. Little Red is heading to her grandmother's house, when she encounters a wolf. The wolf may have scared other children, but not Little Red. The wolf's plan is hatched, and he eats her grandmother before putting on her grandmother's clothes and laying in bed. What follows is the original fairytale with a twist- Little Red does not need a huntsman to save her.

What I loved: The text is minimal, which goes along with the minimalistic illustrations well. The pages turn quickly, which will appeal to early readers. The fairytale is conveyed well here, and I love that Little Red is the one who saves herself- a tale with some girl power in it.

What left me wanting more: This book is a bit scary and should not be read to sensitive children. The wolf is shown eating the grandmother, and he is definitely a scary presence throughout. Little Red is also shown wearing the wolf's pelt at the end, which may also be challenging for sensitive animal lovers. This is definitely a dark story, and it would be better for children who enjoy a touch of the dark in their fairytales.

Final verdict: LITTLE RED is a simple recounting of the fairytale with a touch of horror/scary that is great for less sensitive readers before Halloween.
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