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charming and inventive new alphabet picture book
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EEK! is a clever alphabet book that travels through the letters with sounds, such as Achoo! for A and Bzzz for B. The pictures also loosely tell a story of a mouse throughout the day and the many other animals he/she encounters - all the way to the Zzzz of sleep. The illustrations are full of bright colors with patterned clothing on the animals and bright colors across the backgrounds of each page. The animals provide lots of fun for little ones to view as the pages turn quickly.

What I loved: The illustrations are really lovely and full of bright colors. I like that there is a story that children can narrate through the images. Although the pages only present the alphabet of sounds, there is definitely a thematic element of the illustrations that tell some interesting stories. The many details also make this a fun book to visually explore. The sounds are a clever twist on the traditional alphabet book, and this spin is really fun with lots of cool sounds to make throughout.

The font is nice and clear with bold letters in addition to the noise word, making it easy to read aloud and for young readers to identify each letter.

Final verdict: A triumphant and exuberant exploration of sound, EEK! is a delightful journey through the alphabet accompanied by brightly colored and charming illustrations.
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