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intriguing middle grade read about the environment
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THE WHALE CHILD is a story of environmentalism and the importance of conservation. Shiny is a young whale who has been taught by his mother about the ocean, the creatures in it, and the careful balance everything has in the world. One night, they share a dream that Shiny will become a human boy and must teach his human sister about the world around them.

After Shiny becomes human, he meets Alex and her mother, and he must teach Alex about the balance of the world and the ways in which humans are changing it with potentially dangerous consequences. They discuss pollution, extinction, and the human influences on these with a hopeful and positive view of the way humans still have a chance to stop these negative changes. As they travel and readers see Alex's questions, it teaches the reader in simple terms about what is happening in the world around them and why it matters.

What I loved: This book distills these topics into relatively simple terms to explain the need to help the planet and animals around us - even those that seem scary like mountain lions. The book is full of beautiful colored illustrations that really bring these themes to life for middle grade readers. I would recommend for younger middle grade readers, as the length of text and large illustrations are perfect for this age group. This would be a great book to explore in an educational setting with a fictional story with truths about the world around.

Final verdict: Overall, this is an interesting middle grade fantasy that explains environmentalism and the need to make changes to save the world around us. The lovely illustrations add to the appeal of this read that would be great to explore in the classroom or at home.
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