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charmingly fun middle grade fantasy
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THE FOURTH SUIT is a fantastically magical finale. Ridley begins with a inventor's fair which she is entering with the help of her teacher, but then something goes terribly awry. Her teacher seems to be mesmered, and the clues point to Kalagan. The Magical Misfits are secretly meeting and investigating the series of strange events that lead them to think Kalagan is not gone. They are on the search to prevent him from doing anything else dastardly.

The book also contains really awesome tips about magic that children can do in between the chapters. The book also speaks directly to the reader, breaking the fourth wall in places that is really charming and fun. Although there is plenty of action and mystery, the book manages to stay light-hearted and comical at times.

I also really loved the illustrations throughout that add a nice touch to the book. In addition, I love that the main character, Ridley, uses a wheelchair, as this unique representation is so important. This middle grade fantasy easily draws the reader in and finishes the series with aplomb. As a small note, the book does also do a great job of recapping previous books, so you don't need to have read the earlier books recently.

Featuring great characters, plenty of magic, and a mix of comedy and adventure, THE FOURTH SUIT is a delightful middle grade fantasy that is sure to appeal to a wide audience.
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