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fantastically interactive Halloween-themed book
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ROOM ON THE BROOM PUSH-PULL-SLIDE is a delightfully interactive board book sure to enchant toddlers and preschoolers. A witch is riding her broom when a cat asks if there is room on the broom- the answer is yes! Then a dog, a bird, and a frog join, but then- oh no! The broom breaks, and a dragon decides to take the witch. The animals join together to scare him away. The witch then has a great idea to improve the broom so that they may all comfortably travel.

This edition has all sorts of fun interactive parts, such as a tab to move the dog holding the witch's hat up to the broom, placing the hat on her head. These details are absolutely delightful for toddlers and preschoolers, who will definitely be moving each back and forth with joy.

What I loved: This is a simple Halloween story with a cute premise that will enchant young readers. There are some subtle themes of sharing (allowing others on the broom), standing up for others (when the animals stand up to the dragon), friendship (throughout), and accommodating others' needs (with the final broom that has fun details like a nest for the bird and a shower for the frog) that are always great to see.

While there is some minor peril from the dragon who wants to eat witch and fries with his tea, all is well when the animals join together to stand up for the witch. The illustrations are fantastic and full of colors and details. The push-pull-slide objects are colored throughout to make sure children still have things to look at throughout the motions and fun details before and after the interactive movements. For instance, a particular favorite in our house is the owl that appears behind some of the motion pieces.

The book is very sturdy and will hold up to even rough toddlers when moving the pieces. This is very securely built, which is always great in such an interactive book. The text is clear and easy to read aloud, and to add to the fun, it rhymes throughout and has a lot of word repetition which will appeal to young learners.

Final verdict: ROOM ON THE BROOM PUSH-PULL-SLIDE is a charming and delightful book that will appeal to young readers with the cute and simple story line, interactive elements, and colorful illustrations. Highly recommend for toddlers and preschoolers who like to play with their books and who love Halloween.
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