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(Updated: August 09, 2020)
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THE WIZENARD SERIES: SEASON ONE is written by Wesley King and created by Kobe Bryant. The MG fantasy follows Reggie, a budding basketball player, as he tries to apply what he learned in training camp to the actual game. Unfortunately, he just can’t seem to get it right no matter how hard he works. Reggie shows up to practices early, stays late, gives his all, but he is fighting his grana— and the more he fights, the worse it gets. Ultimately, Reggie has two options, step up or get kicked off the team. The pressure is on, and Reggie has to first convince himself that he’s worthy of his dreams.

What I absolutely love about this book is how inspiring it is. The Wizenard Proverbs at the start of each chapter are such a gift and offer beautiful insights and food for thought. Beyond that, Reggie’s experience itself is eye opening. He's logging so many hours trying to be better, but can’t figure out why he's not improving, blaming it on everyone but himself. A few times, I’ve certainly needed to step back myself and look at the bigger picture, and believe many will be able to relate to that.

I also enjoy Reggie’s family- his grandma and P. My heart broke when Reggie’s grandma was sick, but was unable to go to the doctor’s because it was too expensive. Many will relate to the helplessness Reggie feels in that moment, as our dreams are often linked to wanting to make life better for our loved ones. On a more positive note, I’m very intrigued by P’s relationship to soccer and I hope that’s a topic that will be explored in subsequent books.

Aside from that, I found the world and the plotline with Reggie’s parents a bit underdeveloped, but the moments related to basketball were so interesting that I forgave it. Wesley King did a great job at capturing Kobe’s spirit in this book. There were many moments that I heard Kobe’s voice in my head and could feel his thumbprint on the story.

Overall, THE WIZENARD: SEASON ONE is the perfect book to give a kid who is chasing a dream, whether it’s in sports, or elsewhere. This series will show them the importance of dedication, commitment, friendship, and a healthy dose of competition.
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