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great picture book to teach about similes
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LIKE BEST FRIENDS is a great picture book to teach about similes. The plot is fairly simple. A boy is bored when he heads to the park. There, he finds a girl twirling on the swings, and he joins her. They have fun playing on the swings. Each statement includes a simile which is also shown in illustrations with color against the rest of the black-and-white scenes.

What I loved: The book does a great job of teaching about similes and could be a useful tool in the classroom to talk about similes with plenty of examples. The focus is definitely on these rather than a storyline, and the illustrations help to support each statement. The drawings are also really lovely with targeted use of color and a dreamlike quality.

What left me wanting more: The plot of the book is pretty thin and some of the similes seem a little forced, but this does do a great job of giving lots of examples, so this also has some positives.

Final verdict: LIKE BEST FRIENDS is a great tool for teaching similes with lovely illustrations and a very simple plot.
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