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BO THE BRAVE is a delightful story about courage and not judging others too quickly. Bo lives with her brothers, Erik and Ivar, in a castle. Her brothers are going hunting for monsters, and Bo wants to join, but they tell her she is too little. Bo decides to set out on her own. She first finds a griffin, who she decides is too kind to be a monster. Together, they travel to the sea to find monsters, and find a kraken, who saves her when she falls in the ocean and this makes her decide the kraken is not a monster. They then travel to the mountains, where they find a dragon who is sad because her baby has been taken. Bo has an idea of where he is and the monsters who are holding him.

What I loved: This story is simple and delightfully fun. Children will appreciate the storyline and chanting along with Bo, "Get ready to be got!" The lesson of the story about judging others by their actions and not by their appearance is a great one. By getting to know the "monsters," Bo learns that they are not actually monsters.

I also love her confidence, as Bo knows that she is smart and brave. These messages can also be powerful for young children. The illustrations are interesting with limited colors, but they suit the story well. The book also sets up for discussions about how danger (e.g. monsters) may not seem like it and taking care in potentially dangerous situations.

Final verdict: Simple but delightful, BO THE BRAVE is a journey about looking deeper, believing in yourself, and not judging too hastily.
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