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a day in the life of a red kangaroo joey
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ONE DAY ON OUR BLUE PLANET... IN THE OUTBACK is a picture book that follows a red kangaroo joey through one day of his life. We see his family and learn about the pouch in which he lives. We then travel with him and his family to find water and new grazing land. Throughout the journey, we see many animals of the outback as well as the landscapes. The front and back matter includes labeled animals of the outbook for below (front) and above (back).

What I loved: The perspective of a baby kangaroo was really unique and will appeal to children. The illustrations are full of color and animals, which parents can find the names of by looking at the front/back matter. It includes a bit about the landscape of the outback in the story, which is also really interesting and will give perspective to children around the world who have not seen Australia.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, it would have been cool to label the animals as they appear throughout the book to make for ease of naming. It would also have been interesting to include information about other animals along the way, so that readers could learn more about them (this stays focused on the joey).

There is a scene where a dingo comes up to eat the joey, but the mother kangaroo scares it away. It's not described in detail, so it may go over some children's heads, but wanted to mention for children who might be sensitive.

Final verdict: Overall, this is a cute exploration of the outback through a day in the life of a red kangaroo joey. Recommend for young readers who want to glimpse Australia!
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