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elegant picture book about pets and priorities
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MRS BIBI'S ELEPHANT is a sweet story about the special place we have in our hearts for our pets. Mrs. Bibi has a pet elephant that she loves very much. The children love to play with it, and seeing him around town makes the townspeople smile. However, they think people's houses should be full of fancy things and that people should spend their time reading about the stock market and economics. They decide that Mrs. Bibi's elephant should be put in the zoo.

When they go to collect the elephant, however, Mrs. Bibi and the elephant seem to have disappeared. That's when people notice how empty their lives feel without the elephant. They decide to make a change and let the children pick pets, bringing joy back into their lives. Even though Mrs. Bibi and her elephant are no longer there, their legacy lives on with the new pets and priorities of the town.

What I loved: The illustrations here are absolutely gorgeous, and I love the colors and the people and the elephant. The story feels like mythology about why we have pets and shows the special place pets can fill in people's lives. This is a really elegant read. There are not too many words on each page and so this book would appeal to toddlers through elementary school aged children.

Adults will also enjoy reading this book that is ultimately about priorities we think we need and the priorities that really fill our lives and speak to our hearts. Between the lovely messages and beautiful illustrations, this is a fantastic picture book to share with children.

Final verdict: Elegant with beautiful illustrations and messages, MRS. BIBI'S ELEPHANTS will speak to young readers about the special places in our hearts that our pets fill. Recommend for lovers of fairy tales and pets.
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