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sweet story about sharing home with those you love
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THE RIGHT PLACE is a picture book that stresses the importance of friends and home. Squirrel wakes up after a long winter of hibernation to find his home messy and cluttered. He sets out in search of a home he would like more, but he is not sure what the right place would be. He asks different animals, and their answers are all different- inside, above, and below, and nests and holes. Then Squirrel has an idea and creates a home that has all of those elements, and he realizes that home is where his friends are.

What I loved: This is a simple story of finding home where the heart is. The illustrations are quite unique with an artistic style and animals dressed in clothing. The idea of sharing and being with friends is one that will resonate with children.

What left me wanting more: As a small thing, the text is pretty dense on each page spread that would make this a little too lengthy for the youngest readers. It would be better suited to elementary-aged readers.

Final verdict: Overall, THE RIGHT PLACE is a sweet story about finding home with the people (or animals in this case) you love.
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