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sweet picture book about the power of "sorry" and compromise
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I'M SORRY! is a fantastic picture book about apologizing and compromise. Swoop and Scribble are an owl and squirrel who are best friends. Swoop loves to make things and brings her toolbox everywhere. Scribble loves to write plays which they can act out together, and he has a special pencil that helps him to find the perfect words. They travel a far distance to meet and play together each day, until they have the idea to buy a house together.

Their new house is perfect and has an amazing porch. When they are sitting on it, both have very different ideas. Swoop thinks of what a perfect workshop it would be while Scribble thinks of how it would make a perfect stage for his plays. The next morning, when both are going to convert the porch into their dream, they get into a fight and walk away angry. Scribble comes up with the perfect word (Sorry), but they both learn it only works if you mean it. The end of the book has them compromising about how to make the porch work for both.

What I loved: This picture book gently teaches about conflict resolution in an approachable way- and that "sorry" only works if you mean it. The illustrations are really lovely with gentle colors and plenty of details to keep young readers engaged. Albeit a minor thing, I also really love how Swoop (girl) is the one who loves to build things with her special toolbox, and that Scribble (boy) is the one who writes and comes up with the feeling of sorry.

The plot flows smoothly and the writing is well done to convey enough detail to present a full story without being overwhelming. This makes it great for toddlers through elementary school-aged children. This book would be great for teaching about conflict resolution and the power of words.

Final verdict: A delightful and sweet story about saying sorry and compromise, I'M SORRY! is a lovely picture book that teaches important concepts.
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