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ARE YOU A CAT? is a conversational book that features two characters, dog and (maybe) cat. Dog wants to chase the cat, but first he asks if Cat is a cat. Cat, wishing to avoid the chase, tells Dog no- and then picks out random other animals Cat sees that he is (squirrel, rabbit, butterfly, etc.). Dog challenges Cat to do what those other animals can do, and Cat cannot. When Cat sees a mouse that Cat wants to chase, Cat finally admits that Cat is a cat. But is the mouse a mouse?

What I loved: This is a simple concept that can make children giggle as Cat tries to land softly on a flower like a butterfly or open a nut with his teeth (Ouch!). The colors and background are simple, primarily featuring the two animals and a few select other items. The text is straight-forward, told entirely through conversation, with the animals each having their own color.

What left me wanting more: The two animals are a bit easy to mix up at times, particularly for children who are listening, as there is no context (e.g. no "said Cat" or "asked Dog"). However, the concept is simple enough that readers can follow.

Final verdict: Overall, ARE YOU A CAT? is a simple and silly read that young readers will enjoy. As the text is relatively simple, this would also be a good choice for children who are in the process of learning to read for themselves.
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