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Snake is dead, and the Bad Guys, as well as the League of Heroes, are gathered for the funeral. Faced with the evil Prince Marmalade, who is determined to take over the universe, the two groups decide to band together, becoming the much cooler named Shadow Squad G. They need to find a way to defeat their conqueror, even though the don't have super powers! Luckily, Legs is stowed away on board Marmalade's ship, as is Rhonda, and the two proceed to voosh! scuttle! and b-donk! the alien before summoning help from their two groups, who in turn have a velociraptor to help them! They also have a space shuttle, Mr. Pirahna's father and his crew, and a secret weapon that is a surprise even to the bad Guys. Will it be enough to save Earth for imminent destruction?
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In true Bad Guys' fashion, this mission is fraught with threats, rife with teamwork, and punctuated by bopping alien booty! There are even some inklings of romance as the heroes from different teams get to know each other in between running for their lives. The black and white illustrations alone are enough to inspire giggles, and the goofy aliens, fleets of pirahnas, and sharks in tutus don't make the tone any more serious!

Had this to insatiable readers of Eaton's Flying Beaver Brothers, Winnick's Hilo, Benton's CatWad, Barnett's Spy Kid, and other goofy tales of brave creatures facing overwhelming (and often hysterically funny) odds.
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