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cute and whimsical story about friendship
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MAX AND XAM is a charming and whimsical picture book about friendship, including making friends, conflicts, and mending relationships. Max and Xam are next door neighbors and best friends. They do a lot together and always wish each other "Sweet Dreams" at night. One day, they have a big fight. After that, they are lonely. Each forms a plan, and makes new friends out of materials they can find. However, their new friends cannot join into their games or talk with them. So they both decide to bridge the gap and mend their friendship.

What I loved: This is a simple but lovely book. The text is limited/focused, and a lot of the story is conveyed through the pictures. The illustrations are whimsical, with Max and Xam not being specific animals. The friends that they make are really cute, and the story leads through conflict, fallout, and repair. These are common situations for young children, where they may argue with a close friend and need to resolve the conflict. The book can spark discussions over how to approach these situations in a cute and light way.

Final verdict: Overall, this a cute book about friendship and conflict that will resonate with a young audience. Whimsical illustrations add some fun to the simple and sweet story.
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