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SNUGGLE TIGHT, KISS GOODNIGHT is a lovely bedtime pop-up board book. The book features rhyming phrases related to bedtime and sleeping with many baby animals snuggling up with their parents (and sometimes siblings). Each spread has a different shape of pop-up that brings the animals off the page.

What I loved: The book features lovely rhyming phrases that flow beautifully off the tongue. The subdued words and sleepy animals make this a perfect bedtime book. Bears, deer, foxes, and owls add interest for babies and toddlers who will enjoy identifying the animals that pop-up from the pages. The illustrations are lovely with not only the baby animals and their parents, but gorgeous, lush scenery on each spread. This book is a delight to share with young children.

The thick pages, separated a bit more by the pop-ups are easy for toddlers to turn themselves. In terms of the pop-ups, they are built into the page quite sturdily, making them a little more difficult to rip off. A really great feature is that the image is also printed onto the book beneath the pop-up, so if you do have a child who likes to pull them off, the book is still enjoyable without them. They are pretty sturdy, regardless, which does make it harder to tear them.

What left me wanting more: As a very small thing, the font is black, and on the pages featuring night (e.g. dark blue skies), it is a little difficult to read in dim lighting. The font itself is clear, but the dark font on darker backgrounds is a little tough to see at times.

Final verdict: Sweet and lovely, this pop-up board book is a new bedtime favorite. With plenty of sleepy baby animals and their parents, gently rhyming phrases, and full-page, colorful images, this book is a delight to read aloud to young children.
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