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POP-UP PEEKABOO! BABY ANIMALS is a charming lift-the-flap and pop-up picture book. Each spread features a parent animal who is playing hide-and-seek with their baby. The baby is found by lifting the flap and revealing them in a pop-up feature. The text features fun rhyming phrases, and the animals really pop out when children lift the flaps. The illustrated animals look like photographs of stuffed animals, and there are lots of colors and different hiding places (in nature) featured.

What I loved: One of my favorite parts of this book are the inclusion of male and female parents and children that show mother and father animals taking care of and spending time with their children. The rhyming text is fun to read, and the length of the book is perfect for toddlers. The peekaboo style pop-ups with large lift-the-flaps are delightful for young children, who will really enjoy "finding" the baby animals. Bright colors and stuffed animal figures add to the fun of the book. The text is also written in a large font that makes it easy to read from a reading distance, and the rhyming nature adds some good melody when it is read aloud.

There are also other animals (like parrots and ladybugs) that are featured in the flaps/pop-ups that toddlers will enjoy. Baby Sloth, who is hiding in a tree with parrots, is a particular favorite in our house. The parrots and Baby Sloth pop-out when the flap is lifted with plenty of motion and colors.

What left me wanting more: As a very small point, the pop-ups are a little delicate and could be ripped by toddlers or strong infants. However, the flaps are very sturdy and should hold up for most children. The paper of the pop-ups is cardstock-type thickness adding some sturdiness.

Final verdict: With bright colors, cute animals, and rhyming text, this lift-the-flap pop-up peekaboo book is a delightful experience for toddlers and their parents alike. Highly recommend for children who love to explore the world around them with their hands and will get in to lifting the flaps and peekaboo-ing the baby animals.
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