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Part mad libs and activity book plus fully developed fictional story, MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD is a delightfully interactive read for the middle grade audience. Told entirely in the second person, the book takes the reader through an adventure in which they are cast in the starring role. The reader gets to interact with the book by filling in the blanks, solving puzzles, and even drawing their version of a more or less scary villain.

In the land of Astorya, you are surrounded by fictional creatures with only your pencil. However, as you soon learn, that pencil is the most powerful of tools, as anything you write can become a part of the story too. After finding a letter calling for help, you set out on a quest to find out what happened to you and rescue Prince S. There's villains, magic, and more in this charming and funny story.

What I loved: This book is a pleasure to read and would do well in a classroom setting, where children can giggle and create together. The chapters could be easy to read a couple at a time aloud, with children filling in the blanks together or separately. There are plenty of activities that are a part of and/or could be derived from the book, making it quite interactive. The book is overwhelmingly a comedic adventure, so it will appeal to a broad audience.

Final verdict: Delightful, hilarious, and full of heart, this interactive book has great potential to appeal to young readers. I would put it on a similar level as the SIDEWAYS STORIES OF WAYSIDE SCHOOL but with fairy tale elements, mad libs, and puzzles. This book is perfect for middle grade (8-12yo) classrooms or solo reads, but I bet you'll want to talk about it!
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