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delightful story about sharing and siblings
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DIBS! is a story about brotherhood. Julian constantly calls dibs on toys and snacks from his younger brother Clancy. Clancy is watching, and soon, his first word is DIBS! Before long, Clancy has not only called dibs on the toys, but also his parents’ bed, then the White House and NASA! Clancy has gone to outer space.

Julian is excited to have everything to himself at first, but then he realizes he misses Clancy. He goes to the museum and takes a rocket to space to find Clancy, and saves him from the aliens who called dibs on the ship. With some lovely messages about sharing/selfishness and sibling rivalry, this book is a comical adventure.

What I loved: Julian and Clancy have quite the adventures here, and children will laugh at Clancy’s dibs on the White House and outer space. The messages about selfishness and sibling rivalries are also really cute and get the point across subtly. Children and adults can enjoy the beautiful illustrations that accompany the delightful text.

Final verdict: This is a fantastic read for children who have brothers or sisters and/or who just love to laugh! With detailed and lovely images along with some fantastic adventures, DIBS! is a truly fun read that will engage and delight young readers.
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