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Sooo cute!
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This book is absolutely adorable.

Hannah is starting first grade and excited about making friends. Only, every time she tries, it doesn't work out. Her excitement tends to get the best of her and no one wants to be her friends.
So, she's taught that the best way to make friends isn't to talk and show off, but rather to watch and to listen.
It's a fantastic lesson for kids. Making friends isn't easy, but the best friendships don't come from dominating the other people, they come from getting to know them.
The images are well done with bright colors and just the cutest little girl. A parent reading this will want to give Hannah a hug.
A kid reading it may want to be friends with her. Either way, they'll enjoy it immensely.

Final Verdict: An adorable story about friendship with a good lesson for any kid.
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