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Kids Fiction 463
A Story About Grief and Loss
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All Dragon wants is a friend, but doesn't have any luck. The squirrel is too busy, the hippo is too tired, and the crocodile is too grouchy. As he's sitting under a tree, an apple falls and hits him on the head. The snake decides to play a trick on Dragon and makes him believe the apple can talk. Dragon has finally found a friend.

At home, the apple won't talk. Dragon becomes worried when he can't wake him, so he brings him to the doctor. Here, the apple is eaten and turns brown and mushy. Dragon becomes sad because he believes his friend has died.

A FRIEND FOR DRAGON is a story about death and grieving. It a rare children's story with a full plot that will touch a child's heart. Even though we know the apple isn't a person, Dragon believes it is and that it's his first friend. As time passes after he loses the apple, he feels less and less sad. This book teaches that grieving is temporary and happiness will return. It's a sensitive topic and this book makes it easier to address. It puts things into a child's perspective.

Final verdict: I would recommend this book to children who are going through a hard time after losing a loved one. It's also good for fans of dragons and stories about friendship.
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