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Bentley needs a home
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Bentley is a story for children who love dogs, and for children who can read on their own ages 7-12, or those little ones who can follow a story that you read to them. It is a story about Bentley a puppy, who is homeless and in need of a home and someone to love him.
Bentley was left behind at Misty Valley, a Mountain resort for those who love nature and hiking. The Peterson family considered it their home away from home and would come often to spend a weekend. Charles and his sister Lizzie loved to spend time hiking in the woods and playing with their dog, Buddy.
Lizzie was excited to be going camping with a group that would sleep in tents where they would have no electricity or running water.
Charles was eager to sign up with his parents for hikes out into nature. As they were checking in, Charles heard a whimpering puppy and he looked around and saw a puppy in a cage behind the desk. The Camp Director told him that Bentley was the dog’s name and he was lost. Charles loved dogs. He and his family helped their local Humane Society find homes for misplaced dogs. They would often be a Foster Family for dogs, helping the dog to get ready for their new family.
During this stay at Misty Valley, the Peterson family have a lot of fun and Charles helps Bentley find a new home.
I am a dog lover and I thoroughly fell in love with this story and you will to.
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