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When Treasure receives a mysterious package, she opens it to reveal a treasure map. She has to follow the clues that'll lead her to a special prize, but she has to hurry and find it before sunset. Her friends Harmonie, Blitz, and Rainbow are there to help her along the way.

Each stop along the way requires Treasure to think about what do do next and her friends assistance helps her press forward. In the end, she finds the chest and it has a note that says "The key has always been in your heart." The more Treasure thinks about it, the clearer the answer becomes: her friends. It's the anniversary of the day Treasure arrived at the Fantastical Forest and her friends wanted to celebrate it in a special way.

I love that my two-year-old can hold her Beanie Boos while I read this book to her. It's that much more fun for her to listen to. UNICORN TREASURE HUNT is more than just following a map because it teaches the importance of friendship and how amazing it is. To top everything off, there's also foil stickers in the back of the unicorn Beanie Boos.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of unicorns, Beanie Boos, and stories about adventure and friendship.
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