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fun and funny book about patience- with a little science
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THE VERY IMPATIENT CATERPILLAR is a laugh-out-loud story that will charm parents and young children alike. The very impatient caterpillar notices all the other caterpillars going up a tree. When he inquires what they are doing, he finds out they are going to metamorphosize. As he engages the process, he can’t wait to become a butterfly, annoying the other caterpillars with his questions of whether he is done yet. Told in speech bubbles, this is a brightly colored book that discusses a concept familiar to children- impatience and the difficulty of waiting.

What I loved: This book not only teaches about patience. With a nice science background, this book also teaches children about the basic process of becoming a butterfly complete with names like metamorphosis and chrysalis, explaining them in simplified terms to the impatient caterpillar as well as young readers. Although this is secondary, it’s great to introduce some science in with the fun!

The constant questioning of the caterpillar is easily relatable to parents of young children and the children themselves. The caterpillar learns that he must just wait and declares that he has turned over a new leaf by the end of the book- but has he? The humor throughout will make both parents and little ones giggle. The vivid colors and cartoonish images will certainly appeal to the toddler and early elementary audience. With large, bold font, this is a great book for reading out loud.

Final verdict: This picture book is a delight for parents and young children who will enjoy reading about the caterpillar’s antics. With bright colors and easy to read font, this is a great choice for a cute read about patience, with the added bonus of a little science.
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