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gorgeous celebration of the love between a father and child
(Updated: April 23, 2019)
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YOU MADE ME A DAD is a charming story of fatherhood, beginning before the child is born through when they are older. Perfect for first-time fathers, this is a celebration of the love between parent and child. With lovely images and sweet phrases, this book is sure to capture your heart.

What I loved: There is a lot about this book to love! The family shown in the book is interracial, which is not frequently represented in media, and having such books show these families is fantastic! The images in general are just lovely and drawn to suit the text beautifully. This celebration of fatherhood is sure to appeal to parents and young children alike. With no more than a couple sentences per page, the book moves quickly. Add that to the full-page, gorgeous illustrations, and young readers will be delighted by pacing and the images. My favorites were for “To take time to listen to your dreams. And your stories.” And for when they are walking around the world, “somewhere, in the middle, I will tell you a story.” The starry night skies plus the father-child interactions are simply stunning.

Final verdict: This is a dazzling, lovely, and heart-warming story about first-time fatherhood. I would recommend for all new fathers, who will enjoy reading this gorgeous picture book to their young children.
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