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Dragons in a Bag (Dragons in a Bag, #1)
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Dragons in a Bag is a whimsical, moving, and magical tale. Perfectly tailored to it’s intended audience, Dragons In a Bag, hits all the right notes.

Jaxon and his Mom are in trouble. They’re on the cusp of losing their apartment to an eviction. This is how Jaxon winds up at his grandmother’s house whom he’s never met before.

His Mom leaves him there while she goes to fight the courts to keep their apartment. Except Ma is less than enthused about having a house guest. She’s in the middle of something and Jaxon will only get in the way. The precocious boy doesn’t know how to sit still, and just what is Ma hiding in her purse?

Plain language and relatable characters made this “quickie” novel a solid winner. Rich in culture and an easy-to-read introduction to magic will satisfy young readers—who will feel like they’re on the ride of their lives.

The accompanying photos will further entrance the reader—providing a visual to accompany the wacky tale.

A great read perfectly suited for young readers with a budding imagination.
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