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To Ghoulia, she's just the average girl. To us, she's something completely different: a zombie. Ghoulia's aunt wants her to stay away from the other children because she's scared they'll be chased out of their home if the truth of what they are is discovered. Ghoulia has her pet dog named Tragedy, but she still wishes she could make more friends.

When Ghoulia sees children dressing up as monsters, she sees her opportunity to leave the manor's grounds. Ghoulia does her research on Halloween so she'll be fully prepared. What better costume for her than a zombie? The only question is can she keep her secret from being unveiled.

GHOULIA is a cute story about a little girl who just wants friends. Monsters, like zombies, have begun popular, so this is the perfect children's book for our time. I love that the setting is Halloween and the layout of the book. The illustrations are detailed and I love the little notes of old pictures and such.

Final Verdict: I would recommend this to fans of monsters, zombies, Halloween, and friendship.
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