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Lights, Camera, Carmen!
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Lights Camera Carmen is a quick-to-read tale of a zealous and outspoken kid destined to make it big.

Though she dreams of being on stage, a Dino-Krispies cereal contest thrusts her into a new dream, she’s going to be on tv. With a personal cinnamon-tographer, whose really her baby brother, Eduardo—and a bigger than life vision, they set out to make the best commercial ever.

The book touts humor as one of its shining traits, but the father is the funniest part of the story—and his moments are brief. Children, however, may enjoy the moments between Carmen and Eduardo as they attempt to make a standout commercial--and the mishaps that occur as a result.

The pages are vibrant and engaging, the caricatures were moving and easy to follow—yet the font is awfully tiny. There’s no rhyme or repetition but it’s easy to read.

The story is fun and a quick read. Children will enjoy the book for the many mistakes and the boisterous attempt at fame.

Adults will appreciate the lesson learned by its end. Rich in culture and true to real life, Lights, Camera, Carmen!, is a great addition to any little readers shelf.

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