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Kids Fiction 3342
Beware of exploding fruit!
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Both the members of the robotics team whose plane went down and the members of the Cub-Tones from the 1950s are still surviving in the scary land of the blue broccoli forests, dealing with exploding fruit and scissor birds. They do find a statue and a tree village, but still do not find any inhabitants. They do come across a journal from a whaling ship in 1855. This shows them that the world they are in has existed for a number of years, but is also an ominous warning that people have been trapped within it for lengthy periods of time. The children discover that music tends to calm one type of giant cyborg, but they also suffer a tragic loss. With Molly and Cal slowly mutating into green skinned creatures, an ever dwindling supply of food, and a plethora of monsters trying to kill them, what will the future hold for these castaways?
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Filled with exotic, volatile flora and menacing fauna, surviving the land of Horizon is a non-stop, pulse-pounding adventure. There are plenty of characters, and they all deal with their situation differently. Kira and Akiko can only speak Japanese, so can only communicate with Yoshi, who is bilingual. Molly is determined to be an effective leader, but is concerned about her deterioration and also the threat Hank poses to her power. Other characters like Javi, Crash and Kimberly don't have as much input into this installment, but quietly keep things moving.

The real draw to this series is the video-game type adventure. Doing the simplest task involves a variety of steps, challenges, and attacks. Descriptions of plants and animals almost shimmer with the same intensity of a television screen in a darkened room. Characters make constant decisions, knowing that the wrong one might send boats flying through the air instead of sailing smoothly across the water. Death and destruction wait at every turn.

Readers who enjoy the multi-author 39 Clues or Project Alpha books and want a multi-platform experience will definitely be interested in this series, which is also good for fans of series fiction like Northrup's Tomb Quest, Spradlin's Killer Species or Korman's Titanic.
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