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Kids Fiction 1238
A Story About Believing in Yourself
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In the magical Forever Forest lives unicorns who horns give them a special power. Periwinkle is scared because hers hasn't developed yet and she's worried it never will. Her friend Birdie tells her she needs to believe in magic and follow her heart.

As Periwinkle goes through the forest, she runs into her friends who are struggling on what to do with their power as well. Instead of taking Birdie's advice, she passes it on. Each one of her friends listen and are able to accomplish whatever they want. In the end, Periwinkle decides to try it too and realizes that she only needed to trust her heart.

UNICORN MAGIC is an adorable and magical story about helping your friends out and believing in yourself no matter what. I love the pastel and bright illustrations and the bond of the unicorns' friendship was sweet to read.

Final Verdict: I recommend this to fans of unicorns, magic, friendship, and stories about believing in yourself.
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