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Even Strays Can Make Great Pets
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GOOD DOG stars a lonely dog who has become a stray. It tells us how he feels going through the day: hungry, lost, scared. Nobody sees his potential to be a great pet as he goes through his day. Instead, he's shooed away.

This story teaches that even a lost dog, can be the sweetest pet if only given the chance. My heart went out for the dog as the story went on, but I was happy with how it ended. I really like the coloring of the illustrations and think they fit perfectly with this type of story.

This is a good read for children who love dogs. Each page has two words and the second one is "dog", so it's an easy book to read. It held my two-year-old's attention quite well. She loves dogs, so that helped as well.

Final verdict: I would recommend this to fans of dogs, pets, and short reads.
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