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"It's like eating little puffs of clouds!"
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Rachel has come back to visit Kirsty, and they are being taken by Aunt Helen to visit Candy Land, a factory on the edge of town. Aunt Helen tells them that they will be honoring a boy, Ori, who does lots of public service with the Tree House Club, by giving him marshmallows at the bonfire that night. Rachel and Kirsty also get approached by Monica, whom they have met when they traveled to Fairy Land. Monica tells them that Jack Frost and his goblins have taken the fairies magic candy, so now even the candy that Candy Land produces will not be good. They end up going back and forth between the two worlds to get the situation sorted, since Ori is having to deal with goblins throwing marshmallows at him at the Tree House Club. They manage to trade the goblins bogmallows in exchange for Monica's magic candy, so part of the threat is neutralized, but in the next book, the girls look for Gabby the Bubblegum Fairy's missing item.
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These books are short (65 pages), have pleasing illustrations, and are easy to read. There is definitely a "collect them all!" vibe, since the entire series is necessary for solving the mystery, and there is a check list at the back of the book so readers can make sure they've caught them all.

The concept of good and evil is very straightforward, and it's interesting that British Fairy books are somewhat more magical than US ones, which usually include more friend drama. Rachel and Kirsty are a united front against the evil Jack Frost and his minions, and aside for the evil goblins, everything in the real world is fairly drama free.

This book made me wonder if Strawberry Shortcake was a British import, but it wasn't! Young readers who have graduated from Meister's Fairy Hill books and have read some of this author's Magic Animal Friends will find that the Sweet Fairies are as sweet as their names and read as easily as fairy candy goes down-- "It's like eating little puffs of clouds!"
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