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Social Unrest in the Fairy Realm
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Isabelle is in training to become a fairy godmother, but her skills aren't top notch, so she's had to have regular girls as her assignments instead of princesses. Her Grandmomma is in charge of training, and seems to feel that Isabelle is not working up to her potential. When Minerva, an older fairy who has mentored Isabelle in the past, requests a meeting with Isabelle, Irene, and MaryEllen, the group start a protest movement. While many of the fairies are categorized as "Bests", there are a number whose work hasn't been as good who are called "Worsts". This is an unfair assessment, and Minerva wants to work to change it. There's lots of intrigue going on, and Isabelle finds that her first two girls aren't happy. She tries to complete her level 3 training, keep her grandmother and older sister happy, try to make her first two girls happy and demand fair treatment for all fairy godmothers! It's a lot to ask, but Isabelle is sure she is up to the task.
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This is a good object lesson in the strength and power of language. While it boggles the mind that any organization would name different divisions "Bests" and "Worsts", it does give Minerva and Isabelle an opportunity to participate in protests and to question authority. This mirrors what is going on in current events, and presents strategies in a setting that is easier for young readers to deal with.

Isabelle is a very caring girl who wants to do her best but isn't getting a lot of support from the adults in her life. The fact that she cares deeply about doing a good job despite this is a good lesson for young readers to learn.

Judging from the plethora of fairy godmother books out there, which include Bozarth's The Fairy Godmother Academy, Brauner's The Glitter Trap, Codell's Diary of a Fairy Godmother, and Kinsella's recent Fairy Mom and Me, this is a growing and lucrative field of employment! Avid readers who need pointers on upping their game will get lots of them, including how to unionize, from The Wish List series.
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