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Ch-ch-changes for Cody
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Spring is on its way, and Cody is all set to make the season exciting. Warmer days mean her favorite spring jacket, even if it is too small, and flip flops, even though her mother tries to take them away! Her friend Pearl is playing soccer, and wants Cody to play as well. Cody's not thrilled with the idea, although she does want to be close to her friend, especially when she sees Pearl being friends with the other girls. Spencer's mother is expecting, and the family is looking for their own home... but Spencer fails to tell Cody this. Wyatt, her brother, is spending more and more time with his girlfriend, and is changing some things about himself, which Cody doesn't like, even if it IS only wearing collared shirts. Change is always difficult, but Cody has a strong base of support. An awesome new reversible spring jacket helps as well!
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Springstubb does a fantastic job of identifying things that are difficult for elementary school students, but which adults may have forgotten. Yes, we know that friends moving away if difficult, but it's easy to forget the pain of having to give up that favorite piece of clothing. I understood completely the attachment that Cody had to her jacket, but would never have thought about it so thoroughly!

The accompanying illustrations are charming and hit a sweet spot between elementary and early middle school, which makes it easy to hand this to children who only want to read graphic novels. The cover doesn't look too "babyish", and the small trim size makes this seem cozy and easy!

As Cody gets older, we don't see as much of her family. This is realistic, but I do so enjoy them! I adore Wyatt, her older brother, and it's fun to hear Cody's impressions of his girlfriend, whom she calls P.U. (Her name is Payton Underwood.) Sibling relationships are so important for young readers, and I can always use more books centering around them.

Cody's new interest in soccer is well-done, because it is not easy for her. As she is spending less time with her family, it makes sense that she is branching out into different actitivies. Cody is a great series to give to readers who like Meyerhoff's The Friendshp Garden, Haywood's classic B is for Betsy, or who aren't quite ready for Morgan's Soccer Sisters because they themselves just started playing!
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