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A Comic Race
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In this story, Chris joins Sunny and Rue for a few friendly rounds of Rabbit Racers. (He’s never played before, but they assure him he’ll do great.) With four races and seven other players he’s up against, Chris selects his champion: Nugget the Chicken. And they’re off!

Similar to other books in this intro-level graphic novel series, most of the action is taking place in the video game world. There’s a bit of a tiff between Sunny and Rue at one point over an accidental sideswipe, but otherwise the conflict is all between the racers on the screen. The font is large enough to be easily read, but small enough to not seem babyish. There are plenty of bright colors and simple emotion conveyance. The artistic distinctions between game and real life are clear—pixels versus smooth lines and higher detail.

A solid gateway pick for reluctant young readers who enjoy video games and/or comics.
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