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Kids Fiction 1173
Once Upon a Princess
(Updated: March 30, 2018)
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Her Royal Highness, Fredericka Elisabetta Teresa von Boden don Morch, 'Fritzi' and her family flee their country during a coup and end up in a suburban American city. While there Fritzi attends a public middle school and has to keep silent about who she really is. She encounters a mean girl, but refuses to bow down to her. Fritzi is a princess after all! But it's much more complicated than that. Fritzi tries to get support for her father and her country through social media. But is that enough?

What worked: This is a cute, fun modern day princess tale. Fritzi is spunky and refuses to bow down to those who say she's less than a princess. She loves her homeland and being a princess. Her antics to let her friends, father, and others know how she feels show her strength and resilience. Fritzi is someone girls will love to follow with her determination and spunk. She's one that seizes opportunities and tries to make the best out of an otherwise not too great situation.

I liked the insights readers have on how different the US middle school is from Fritzi's private European boarding school. I also like the drama she encounters while in school. These scenes felt real and how she handles them add to Fritzi's charm.

Fun, engaging tale of a modern day princess who learns that maybe being princess involves much more than just a title. A fun addition to middle school libraries and for those who loved the Princess Diaries.
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1. Fun tale of a modern day princess who ends up fleeing her country and ends up going to a US middle school
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