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Kids Fiction 1785
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This is a prequel to the series that follows the career of Charley Hunter, who oversees Connor's unit in Recruit (Bodyguard #1). Charley is a surfer whose life falls apart after her best friend is abducted right in front of her. Shortly after, both of her parents are killed, and she ends up in foster care. When she saves another surfer from a shark attack, she is brought to the attention of Colonel Black, who recruits her for the Guardian organization. Training is tough, since she's the only girl, but Charley internalizes the philosophy that she must work twice as hard to be treated half as well, and soon is chosen for high profile missions, which she carries out fairly well. Because of this, she is recruited to protect Ash Wild, a young rock star whose fame has also brought him to the attention of the paparazzi as well as someone who is making repeated death threats. Big T is the main bodyguard, but Charley is billed as a PR intern, so she is less noticeable. When she manages to save Ash from several threats in a very public manner, she receives a lot of attention. Will this jeopardize her position?
Good Points
This series has been published very quickly in paperback, which is very helpful, since once readers finish one book, they are going to want the next very quickly!

This moves at a furious pace, and lots of things happen. The details about Ash's life on tour will appeal to readers with an interest in celebrity. I love how prepared and conscientious Charley is, and also really enjoy all of the information about how to be a bodyguard. Bradford's training is very evident in this volume.

I personally like a little more detail about a character's background and would have liked to know more about Charley's life when she was surfing, but that's not really the focus of this series. I just think it would have been very interesting and given us an appreciation for her strengths and skills, which are fantastic!
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