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Kids Fiction 937
An Adorable Dog
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An adorable little dog with a huge drive.

Tiny smells a bone. He's sure it's there, somewhere beneath his feet. So, he begins digging. And digging. And digging. Others tell him there's nothing there. The only ones who believe in him are his kid and himself. But he shrugs off the discouragement from the others and keeps going. Even after finding the first bone, he's sure there's more. Turns out, he was more right than anyone expected.

This is a very cute story about not listening to the naysayers and keeping after what you believe in. It has a great moral and is a lot of fun to read with a little one. The images are adorable and it's written in a fun rhythm that is easy to read.

Final Verdict: You can't go wrong with a children's book about a little dog with a big heart and this one doesn't disappoint.
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