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Molly is panting, her tail wagging happily as she retrieves the long stick that CJ had thrown for her. Molly dashes up to her owner and drops the branch in her outstretched hand. Her tail lashes back and forth as she dances in a circle, waiting for CJ to toss the stick again. CJ laughs, a sweet, soft tittering sound that seems to light up the whole world. She brings her arm back and throws the twig farther into the woods than she has before. As Molly strides after it, with the cool, sweet-smelling wind rushing in her face, she is happy, and feeling like the luckiest dog in the world.

Molly’s Story is a heartwarming novel from a dog’s unique perspective about a fluffy brown poodle-mix puppy named Molly who embarks on a special quest to find her purpose in life. Molly travels with her girl, CJ, comforting her when times are rough and she is happy with the life she has, but she soon realizes that she has a bigger purpose in life than being a house dog and playing all day with her girl. Molly and CJ endure many hardships on their journey, Molly’s to find her purpose, CJ’s to find out how to fix the problems that she faces, both at school and at home.

The author of Molly’s Story, W. Bruce Cameron, did a wonderful job with this special story. It would have been very difficult to show what was happening in the human world, but W. Bruce Cameron shows this amazing plot to the reader through dialogue. The illustrations also help to convey the story to the readers. They are very detailed and perfectly describe the scene that is currently happening in the chapter. The story is well-woven and there are no loose ends left after the last chapter, regretfully, ends.

This is a magnificent book that will for sure be very difficult for the reader to put down. Readers will relate, to the good characters and the not-so-kind ones, and also to the situations that the characters are in. This story is perfect for animal lovers that are on the hunt for a new book to read. So grab a fresh copy of Molly’s Story at your local bookstore or library and get ready to read yourself out with this amazing dog’s purpose novel by W. Bruce Cameron.
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