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Yet again, Five Stars!
(Updated: December 11, 2017)
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The night is quiet. Serafina is panicking, thrashing around. She is trapped, alone, with no idea where she is. It is dark, and Serafina beats at the wooden beams above her, until finally, they crack, and dirt rains down on her, filling the small pocket of air in which she lays.

Sera has defeated both the Man in the Black Cloak and the wielder of the Twisted Staff. But now, she wakes up and finds herself in a small, dark, place that she can barely fit into, closed in by wood on all sides. She manages to escape, cracking the wooden planks. She rushes to Biltmore, looking for Braeden, but soon realizes something is wrong. No one is aware of her. She can’t be seen, heard, or felt. What can Serafina do to make sure she won’t fade away forever?

Serafina’s character changes quite a bit from book one to book three as Sera goes through many challenges that threaten her life. She has become more confident and resourceful.

All of the loose ends got tied up by the end of this third book. Robert Beatty is an amazing author, and he has made a wonderful story with a full plot. The ending of this novel is very satisfying, and nothing was left out of the story. The action scenes were wonderful and were full of heart-pounding moments. There are also some very sweet moments between Serafina and her father, and also between Sera and her friend Essie.

The third and final book in the Serafina book series is a wonderful conclusion to the trilogy and gives us another captivating adventure in the town of Asheville, North Carolina. The whole series kept me enthralled from the first to the last word. Readers will definitely be caught off guard at least twice during this novel. The plot twists that Robert Beatty gives during Serafina and the Splintered Heart are amazing.

Yet again, this book has earned five stars from me!
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