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Kids Fiction 977
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A funny and endearing tale of a summer day gone wrong.

The story:
Ugly cat just wants a paleta. It's a hot summer day and nothing would make him happier than a snack. Luckily, he has a friend like Pablo who will do anything to get him the tasty treat. The two of them head out in search of it only to encounter barriers at every turn, including a little girl looking for a snack for her snake. But Ugly Cat and Pablo are not to be thwarted - even by each other.

What I loved:
This story is filled to the brim with cute humor. The dynamic between Ugly Cat and Pablo is the true star of the story. It's such a simple premise. All Ugly Cat wanted was a treat. It should have been easy, but that wouldn't have made a good story. There's an incredibly endearing quality to this book. I also loved the bits of culture sprinkled throughout and the cartoon-like images.

Final Verdict:
A fun story about the misadventures of two friends in the big world, overcoming many obstacles. Endearing. Engaging. A sure hit with elementary kids.
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