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All About Wonder Woman
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A charming gift idea for young Wonder Woman fans, with plenty of additional DC universe appeal.

This Wonder Woman ultimate sticker collection isn’t merely that (although it does deliver on the more-than-1000-sticker promise.) The first 31 pages are actually more guide-like, dedicated to introducing children to the extended lore surrounding the more current incarnation of this beloved heroine. The overall tone is upbeat and informative, without being dull.

A feature aspect of this collection is that it is cleverly designed to encourage reading and reasoning skills. Many of the images that have been paired to bios or other footnote information are left as merely outlines, which can be matched with their appropriate sticker from the second half of the book. Clues on the stickers assist in this activity, which holds a lot of potential for reinforcing the learning experience.

The majority of the written content is broken down into two-page spreads. These individual sections detail Wonder Woman’s superpowers, weapons, enemies, outfits, allies, and close friends—as well as short bios on her Justice League comrades. The actual comic styles scattered throughout are skilled but notably variable, as though samples were taken from a range of different artists. The differing techniques are all aesthetically pleasing, and may very well inspire budding artists.
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