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In RAPUNZEL: THE ONE WITH ALL THE HAIR, we get the traditional story of Rapunzel with slight variations to bring something a little different to the reader. For example, Ben isn't the typical prince. Instead, he wears glasses, but always manages to break them. He isn't skilled in things like hunting or archery. But, like the average prince, Ben wants to go on grand adventures so his people will sing songs about him.

Rapunzel's parents make a deal with a witch that causes her to be locked in a tower. The only positive thing going on for Rapunzel is her cat Sir Kitty and her cook/caretaker. She dreams of escape, but like in the traditional story, she can't do it alone.

I love the story of Rapunzel and I like that in this one, the Prince and Rapunzel both have faults. They aren't made out to be perfect. I also liked the involvement of both Elkin and Steven in the story because they added more substance.

Final Verdict: I recommend this to fans of middle grade fairytales and for those who also enjoy the story of Rapunzel. It was a light and easy read.
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